Meet our staff

Meet the staff at Walnut Family Dental who work hard to make every patient visit a wonderful experience.

Dental Hygienists

Linda Van der pers, RDH       Linda Van der pers, RDH

Mary Joy Cruz, RDH       Mary Joy Cruz, RDH

Monica Fierro, RDH Monica Fierro, RDH

Front Office Administrators

Anne Hoang    Anne Hoang

           Janeth Lara

Angie Acosta    Angie Acosta

Marlene Bravo     Marlene Bravo

Dental Assistants

           Jeniece Ponce

           Linda Trancoso

            Erika Estela

            Adriana Lopez

For more information about our practice or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Diep, Dr. Troung or Dr. Xiong, call our office in Walnut, CA at Walnut Family Dental Phone Number 909-594-9444.